Thursday, January 13, 2011


from now on, I will be using that site ^^

Happy 2011!!! ^^

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 is TOXIN ALERT!

Brain: Hey, how are you?
Kidney: Here, flushing her toxins..
Heart: More toxins here, kid, have you got them yet?
Kidney: Uh, yeah. Did she add more though?
Heart: Yeah I guess. The Brain has to tell you to get it. Isn't is supposed to be automatic of some sort?
Kidney: Yeah I know. Maybe he lets you, heart, have your way instead of the Boss Brain this time.
Brain: Oops, sorry. TOXIN alert! I have been sleeping...

This 2011 is a year of the TOXIN alert. The Big Boss is the Brain, but The Kidney has to work her hardest. The heart has to submit to the Boss.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boredom and Bravery

“Brave people may not live longer, but coward people don’t live at all.”


I have been stuck in my house ( except when I went out for my checkup ) for the whole day. I have been sick for a couple of days now.
When I get sick like this sick, I am usually in bed ( lying down ) or in the sala drinking some liquids or eating a bit of something. Yes, if not for the lose of appetite and the increase of temperature ( leading to an increase in metabolism ), it would be safe to say I have been pigging myself.

Thanks to television, however, I realize that I could have some form of a distraction from sickness..and yes, from boredom.

A person once said that if you start to get bored, it only means that you may need to do the purpose God has given you.

Sometimes, I feel very blessed I can have much time off. I have a fixed morning shift ( 6 am to 2pm, which just fits my body clock, since I NORMALLY get up at 5am), unlike my friends who are nurses or in the call center industry where they change shift time crazily. So far, I have not been bored yet of my job. Thank God.
But honestly speaking, my life is not more about my job. I have some organizations and meetings after 2pm. Sometimes though,with all these meetings, ministry, or organization, it gets boring, especially when the people I am with don’t have the same vision and passion as I have.

Vision and passion should be moved , and it takes bravery to do so.I don’t consider myself as someone who has totally overcome any sense of insecurity or fear. I have danced solo in public with strong, powerful, jazzy kinda step, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t ask for a repetition of the song because I got so ashamed at first. Every 2nd Tuesdays for our hospital visitation ( which we get to pray for the sick in the ward at CCMC ) , I have worn a glass so that my former classmates may not recognize me ( to avoid them asking how I have gained my weight or where I work ). These kinds of activities that I have done, do, or will do are not the most convenient and comfortable...but at least I try to do them, not because I have to, but because I believe I am called to do them.

So back to the people who should share my vision and passion. I really want to hang out with people who are dreamers. I mean, those who , amidst all bleak circumstances, still believe they can be someone or can do something. People may think I am queer or just pure ambitious, but I dream a lot. I always think I can do something. You know, make a film, paint a canvass, write a story, construct a REAL ( truly creative, well-thought of...not just forming an excuse of free writing for bad poetry ) poem, dance interpretatively a rock song, or... build a school, create a business, employ people, marry a handsome, rich mate ^^. And when you look at me right now, I have gone as far as just 1 over 1,000 steps for my desired dreams. At least a step...^^

That is probably I get glued on art. I mean, I don’t call myself an artist ( although my artist friend and sister say I am ) but I am drawn to art. Art may have rules and all, but at least, through time, it is bound to be broken. As my favourite art theorist say, art is just like breathing or eating...everybody can do it. Maybe really, I love art because it makes you free. You are in control of the colors you choose, the texture of the painting, the symbolism, the message you may want to relay. You can even practice art just by the way you speak or the content of your words. Every form of an expression is an art; ergo, art makes you free.

So where am I going to this? Hmmm. I can say brave people are those who can express themselves for the purpose of a movement to their destiny. Not all artists are brave. Some artists ( who really are gifted ) lack courage, so they don’t excel. ( Ironically, some just uhm mediocre on the gift of artistry, struggle and are more courageous to do something to succeed ). At the end of the day, what counts is, are you doing your God-given purpose?

Ok back to boredom. When people get bored, they may get some good or bad idea. People go into a relationship with a lover...or will venture on a different career path...or go out, waste some money, and get wasted. But even in boredom, there is what I call the art of thinking Rationally and Wisely. Frankly speaking, I don’t get it that one talented,pretty, smart, loving, woman can just allow someone who cannot be loving ( plus not smart, talented, etc ) to break her heart. That I say, needs art. Gifts are just worthless when you throw them to the pigs.

Well, I am practicing my art of thinking rationally and wisely in this bored time. It takes more courage to clean my room, organize my finances, plan on my daily activities, etc...especially for a person like me who don’t do these things naturally , if not for the Opportunity of getting sick and staying home. ^^ At least, I am making small steps, and yes, moving to my desired destiny of becoming a businesswoman or a wife for that matter hehe. some small steps at a time. hehe

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thoughts of The Richest Man on Earth

I have just witnessed an interview of Carlos Slim, the World's Richest Man in 2010 ( on Forbes' List) on CNN's Larry King Live.

We would be interested in a lot of this man's thoughts. Larry King actually focused on the different aspects, such as on his wealth, responsibility, and life.

There are a lot of things i really just learn from this man.

First, it would be his goal. His goal is not on Money-making. It is Human development through employment and education.

Second, it would be his thoughts on people living in excess. Surprisingly, he doesn't have a big house or many cars or watches. According to him, happiness is not found in buying material things. For him, one cannot be contented when he just lives with too much. One has to learn contentment and real happiness that comes from a good relationship with your family.

Third, his being wealthy encompasses being a blessing to the whole community, with the taxes that he has put on the government, on health care, on education..

Fourth, he sees that being poor is an opportunity for economic development. It makes you learn how to invest and work.

Fifth, being a wealthy man, he shows utter humility. With the way he talks and even with the way he takes off his suit ( and shows his suspenders in front of Larry King, imitating Larry king, for that matter ).

Sixth, he became wealthy because he has been investing, starting at the age of 13. He has been investing and reinvesting.

Seventh, the economy is tied on income distribution. So, money should be distributed ( his purpose on developing companies ) through employment. Also, when people can afford good education, health care issue is protected. Poor health can be a liability, so that should be focused on. Also, when people have good education, they will have better opportunities for employment.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dancing My Way Out of 2010

It has been an hour now since I opened this blogspot. I have been trying to be creative in presenting my 2010 review, but I always get stuck with it. So, I'll just be spontaneous...^^


1. went back to writing. I actually had some hiatus last 2009. This blog is an evidence. The major culprits for such an inhibition on that passion are laziness, laziness, and laziness.

2. Formed some groups again. Christian in nature: Ang Lamdag, Himaya Productions. They focus on using art for the glory of God.

3. invested for some Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Some Investment ( lol ). Now trying to handle my money.

4. Made strong bonds in Friendship: The Zy to be number 1. Yes, for some reason, (I did not expect we would be so close as friends )...but well, we have been so close. I gave her the name by the way.

5. uhm yeah have been foolish to entertain some guys whom I never really knew. Oh God, I trusted easily. A lesson to remember. Thanks to my friends who have been supportive and have accepted me even though I have made these mistakes time and again...^^

6. I haven't travelled to another country this year, but have been to Boracay. It is safe to say it can compete with other countries as a tourist destination.

7. "rebonded" my hair for the first time. haha. this counts ( my hair is NATURALLY wavy to curly ). my image for the year 2010 is the straight-haired Doris.

8. have been into films this year. Some poetry appetizer here and there. Yes the POems of Shit 1,2,3, and more. And some short stories.

9. Himayans: Okay, have been hanging out with these guys for long. They are almost up for anything: Outpost gigs, Music tripping, Movie watching, Observing some painting, Shooting for a photoshoot, helping in Charity works,etcetera...which are my kind of thing.

10. Have performed a solo interpretative Dance ( well this is epic for me haha ), directed/ written "Papil sa Panganduy", and have posed in a Photoshoot. I can even post my write-ups on facebook haha. I also, by the way, joined the Cantata Ministry ( Drama Team ). This is a breakthrough out of all my insecurities and fears that I had been battling for so long, bow. ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Frustrated

I know you'll get frustrated.again.

So here I am. still silent. until you speak well of what your plans are. Would you pursue or would you give up.

The decision is a heavy one. It will change the course of your life forever.

and here I am, still waiting. And God is faithful to me. I don't think I need you. I know God will provide that someOne for me. I won't get frustrated if you don't choose me. again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

behind the virtual world

kung mutext or muchat ang laki ninyo, musugut ra dayun mu? Can't believe women really go for these guys. ug sa dihang daghana intawun'g lakiha mutext2x ,muchat2x...way lingaw.

unsa jud diay inyu'ng pagtu-u naku, dali ra makuha sa inyu'ng text/chat/?...

well, dili dili dili! hehe. there said. the nerve to ask me personal questions...unya, di pa gani friends. hehe

txtr: "can u b my friend?"

me:"no, u can' sorry"

txtr: y not?

me: wah. the nerve to ask me. the question is, y will i? i don't know u. who knows you might be BR, the scammer. this is my last txt. now, you can leave me. God bless.


hahay, unya kani'ng facebook sige nlang ku'g offline kay daghan mag message2x dinha ang uban naa nay uyab...o worse, naa nay asawa...biga2x on the net dayun inyu'ng tirada?

kahinumdum lang ku naai laki ni ingun naku sa una nga, "well, i can be your boyfriend on the net...and he can be your boyfriend there"...kung di patuh naku siya migu, hagbay ra naku siya'ng gisagpa! haha kung makasagpa sa virtual world hahah...


so kamu babay, please lang, ayaw mug kadesperada, don't cheapen yourself musugut mu'g flirtan ramu sa txt or internet rah! please lang intawun.